Your Ultimate Guide to Broomfield Parks

When it comes to outdoor recreation, Broomfield has you covered. Over 700 acres of parks, more than 280 miles of trails, and 45 playgrounds make Broomfield ideal for nature lovers.

With so many parks to choose from, it can be hard narrowing down exactly where you should spend the afternoon. I created this handy guide that goes over all of the awesome parks in Broomfield (and a list of my personal favorites!).

Parks on Parks on Parks

playground Not only is there a wide variety of parks in Broomfield, there’s an even wider variety of amenities and recreation here. From horseshoes to covered gazebos and winding nature trails, there’s something for every occasion in Broomfield.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect place for your family gathering, or your next great picnic spot, we’ll help you find the perfect park.

Recreational Perks

Highland Park has a great soccer field that’s perfect for practicing with friends or hosting tournaments. You can’t beat the Broomfield Community Park, which has batting cages, a softball field, skate park, skating rink, and tennis courts.

Parks with Aquatics

water parkBay Aquatic Center is the best place to cool off on a hot summer day. Not only do they have a number of water slides, a tot pool, and spray ground, they offer community events and fitness classes.

Nature Trails

Quail Creek Park is great if you want to take a walk. It’s connected to Broomfield’s trail system, giving you plenty of room to traverse the area and see the sights. Broomfield’s trail system is expansive, cutting through all of Broomfield on greenways and paths.Greenway Park is another park with excellent walking trails.  Others include:

  • Richard Steele Park
  • Trails at Westlake
  • Miramonte Park
  • Country Vista Park
  • Midway Park
  • Quail Creek Park
  • Zang Spur


Some parks throughout Broomfield allow fishing, this link is a great way to get some more information on which ponds are fishable. If you’re just looking to enjoy some peaceful natural environments, check out these parks:

  • Midway Park
  • Country Estates Park
  • Willow Run
  • Zang Spur
  • Community Park


Kids will have a blast in Broomfield! They’ll enjoy swinging, climbing on the monkey bars, and playing games with friends at any of the following playground parks:

  • Spruce Park
  • Greenway Park
  • Blue Star Memorial
  • Country Estates
  • Country Vista
  • Wildgrass Park
  • Willow Park
  • Country Vista Park
  • Emerald Park

My Personal Favorites

Topping this list is definitely the Broomfield Community Park. With over 40 acres, an outdoor swimming pool, recreational facilities, and four playgrounds, you can’t beat this all-inclusive park.

Some of my other favorites include:

  • Lac Amora: wonderful nature trails, a playground, barbecue grills, and an open grass area that’s great for dogs! (with a leash, of course)
  • Emerald Park: with seven acres of connected nature trails and a horseshoe pit, this park is excellent for spending time with friends.
  • Brandywine Park: ideal for sports lovers! This park has a soccer field, softball field, and tennis courts.

Interested in Moving to this Outdoor Oasis?

All these fantastic parks are just one of the reasons Broomfield is a great place to live. If you’re thinking of moving to Broomfield, please reach out to me! I have insider information, comprehensive area knowledge, and easy-to-use tools that make finding a home a breeze.


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