7 Signs It’s Time to Move to a New Home or City

Thinking of making a move but not sure if the time is right or you’re ready? Here are 7 signs it’s time to make a change and buy a new home.

1. Affordability

affordability can be a sign it's time to moveIf you find yourself suddenly struggling to pay your mortgage, then it’s probably time to consider some alternatives. Simply changing your location—a new city or a new neighborhood within the same city, even—can mean big relief on your wallet.

2. Dissatisfaction or Complaining

not liking the neighborhood is a sign it's time to moveIf you’re just plain unhappy with your current home or location, then it’s probably time to think about making a change. Is the commute too long? Grocery stores too far away? You don’t like the neighborhood or don’t feel safe? It’s time to start searching for a new home someplace else.

3. Your Goals Have Changed

new goals can be a sign it's time to moveWhen you bought your home, you might have chosen the location to be close to work, or maybe a downtown area, or good schools. But now, you’re finding that those reasons are in the past—you got a new job or retired, you have kids and would rather be near good schools, or your kids have moved out and you’d rather be near the Downtown action.

4. You’ve Got No Room!

a new baby is one of the signs it's time to moveMost likely, your family has grown, maybe with a new baby or other relative who’s become a permanent household member. Whatever the reason, you find yourself wishing you had another bathroom, short a bedroom, or even just cursing your lack of storage space. Time to start looking for a bigger house!

5. You’ve Got Too Much Room

too much room? time to moveThe kids have grown and moved out and now you’ve got this big empty house taking up space, gathering dust, and proving increasingly difficult to maintain. No need to keep holding on to it… Time to think about downsizing, and maybe even exploring some options for Active Adult living.

6. You’re Ready for an Upgrade

thinking about new home features can be a sign it's time to moveWhen you bought your house, it worked for you. But now, you’re thinking it’s kind of old and in need of some upgrades. Maybe you’re eyeing the shiny stainless-steel appliances and granite counters all over HGTV or you’re thinking about going green for a little utility bill relief. Whatever the reason, if you’ve got some room in your wallet, go for the upgrade.

7. You’ve Got That… Calling

dreaming about other placesWhether you’ve lived in the same town all your life or you visited a place once or twice and loved it, or even if you’ve never visited but always felt… drawn… then it might be time to pack up and follow the wanderlust.

Is Broomfield, CO Calling You?

Colorado is one of those places that calls to people from across the country… and Broomfield is no different! High-tech employment, amazing mountain adventures, and beautiful neighborhoods are just the beginning of what our residents love. So come explore… you just might find your new home. Or give us a call and we’ll help you buy a home in Broomfield.

Parting Ways with Broomfield?

We understand, it happens. And while we’re sad to see you go, we’d like to help you make the most of your new opportunity. So give us a call. We’ll help you learn more about selling a home, find your true home value, and list your home successfully.

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