Why You Should Make the Move to Broomfield, Colorado

Nestled in between the better-known cities of Boulder and Denver, Broomfield is a community that’s starting to catch up to its sister cities. Recently ranked #25 on the best places to live list by Money Magazine, this Colorado suburb is rapidly growing, and it’s becoming one of the prime locations for those looking to relocate.

If you’re looking for a new home, consider these reasons why you should take a closer look at Broomfield.


Business is Booming

Since 2012, Broomfield has added an astounding 7,300 jobs and over 21 companies to the area. This rapid growth has created one of the most diverse and dynamic business environments, which in turn continues to attract more companies to the area.

Most recently, foreign companies Viega and SimPRO have moved to the business district of Broomfield, and they are expected to add over 1,000 jobs between them in 2018. This quick development of the business district—among the fastest growth in the entire region—has resulted in an average wage that is now 58% higher than Colorado’s average

No matter if you’re looking for a new home or a career change, Broomfield is quickly establishing itself as the area in Colorado for endless possibilities.

Broomfield is a Cultural Epicenter

Not only are companies and business developers taking notice of this area, but many cultural influencers are, as well.

Recently, Westminster Butterfly Pavilion has announced its intention to move to Broomfield to be included at the new science and technology park at Sheridan Parkway. The science and technology center has also caught the attention of the Adams 12 School District, which is currently considering a proposal to build a STEM campus in Broomfield, as well.

These two plans show that this area is quickly emerging not only as a economic powerhouse, but also as a leader for science and math in the area. With these new attractions creating access to top-notch education, it’s no wonder people are flocking to Broomfield.

Housing is Becoming More Affordable

A rapid boom in growth like the one experienced in Broomfield can put stress on any housing market. However,  Kyle Harris, vice president of community development in Broomfield, wants everyone to know that there are plans in place to create affordable housing in the near future.

Harris has personally proposed a city plan that features the introduction of an additional 6,205 residential homes that include both rentals and for-sale options. In fact, his personal goal is to see the development of townhomes or condos for less than $300,0000—much more affordable than the current home average of almost $600,000.

This increase in affordable housing options makes Broomfield one of the best options for those considering relocating, especially when combined with the leading wages, available employment, and other opportunities in this growing area.

Ready to Relocate?

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