The Top 6 Hiking Day Trips for Falling in Love with Colorado’s Fall Colors

We don’t mean to brag, but here in Colorado, we get some of the best fall colors around. The warm yellows of the Aspen trees, the evergreen of the pines, the fiery orange of the Rocky Mountain Maples—all set against the rolling landscapes of the mountains and foothills. It’s enough to make anyone wax poetic!

If you’re looking for the best hikes for taking in the fall colors, we’ve got you covered. Check out these day trips that are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Broomfield, and let us know if we missed any of your favorites.

Pancake Rocks/Horsethief Park

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Located just south of Boulder in Colorado Springs, the Pancake Rocks/ Horsethief Park Trails are some of the most popular options in the area—and with good cause. Along the way, you’ll wind through rocky terrain, sunny meadows, and sparkling streams, all accented by the beautiful trees lining the trail along the way. If you want a shorter trip, the Horsethief Park Trail is only 2.6 miles, while the Pancake Rocks loop is around 6.2 miles.

Flash of Gold

Aspen trees.

Although the Flash of Gold Trail is a little bit of a hike to get to (no pun intended)—located around 3 hours away in Steamboat Springs—those views are well-worth it. Filled with towering aspens and alpines, the 11.8 mile trek that Flash of Gold offers really earns its name!

Mineral Mountain Trail

Aspen trees in the fall.

Around 35 minutes away near Eldora, the Mineral Mountain Trail is an 10.6 mile loop, perfect for either a long hike or a short in-and-out trip. Since the trail is nestled in the Arapaho National Forest, you’re guaranteed to see plenty of foliage along the way, but the path is particularly packed with pines and aspens.

Meridian Trail, Mt. Evans Wilderness

Aspen trees.

Coming in at 6.5 miles round-trip, the Meridian Trail in Mt. Evans Wilderness makes for the ideal day trip. The path is filled with colorful wildflowers, breathtaking Aspen groves, and tons of wildlife. While it may not be quite as exciting as other hikes, you can count on some reliable fall colors!

Dixon Trail, Cheyenne Mountain State Park

A tree branch in focus.

The Dixon Trail is only 4.2 miles from point-to-point, but if you opt to also hike the adjoining Talon Trail, you can extend your trip to 14.1 miles. The Dixon portion of the hike gets a little steep, but leads to stunning views of Aspen groves, expansive meadows, and bursts of seasonal color. Plus, it’s just a quick trip south near Colorado Springs!

Booth Creek Trail

A waterfall.

Located near Vail, the Booth Creek Trail winds for 3.9 miles to a cascading , 60-foot waterfall. This hike is a little strenuous, so it’s recommended for those with prior experience, but the steep inclines feature dazzling views of yellow Aspens and wildflower glades. It’s one of the most popular fall hikes in the area!

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